Semiconductor Physics, International School
  St Petersburg, March 1–4, 2013 tatjana.tisnek@mail.ioffe.ru
Symmetry and Physics. Preservation via Development, Russian Seminar Dedicated to the 90th Birthday Anniversary of Academician G.E. Pikus
  St Petersburg, May 14–15, 2013 Averkiev@les.ioffe.ru
Spin Waves 2013, International Symposium
  St Petersburg, June 9–15, 2013 pisarev@mail.ioffe.ru
Nitrides of Ga, In, Al: Structures and Devices, 9th All-Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, June 13–15, 2013 lundin.vpegroup@mail.ioffe.ru
Nanostructures: Physics and Technology, 21sth International Symposium
  St Petersburg, June 24–28, 2013 suris@theory.ioffe.ru
Advanced Carbon Nanostructures ACNS'2013, International Conference
  St Petersburg, July 1–5, 2013 kidalov@mail.ioffe.ru
Relaxor Ferroelectrics 2013, International Workshop
  St Petersburg, July 1–6, 2013 e.yu.koroleva@mail.ioffe.ru
Physics and Forecasring of Rock Destruction, IX International Workshop
  Moscow (Borok), September–October, 2013 Victor.Kuksenko@mail.ioffe.ru
Physics of Semiconductors, XI All-Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, September 16–20, 2013 Andrei.Zabrodskii@mail.ioffe.ru
Crystals Doped with Rare Earth and Transition Metal Ions, XV International Feofilov Symposium
  Kazan, September 16–20, 2013 Sergey.Nikitin@ksu.ru
A step away from the century, International Conference Dedicated to the 95th Anniversary of Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute
  St Petersburg, October 29–30, 2013 shergin@mail.ioffe.ru
Physics and Astronomy (PhysicA.SPb), Conference of the Young Scientists of St Petersburg
  St Petersburg, October 23–24, 2013 gs@mail.ioffe.ru
Physical Problems of Hydrogen Energy, 9th Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, November 18–20, 2013 eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru
Semiconductor Physics, International School
  St Petersburg, February 28–March 3, 2014 tatjana.tisnek@mail.ioffe.ru
Nanostructures: Physics and Technology, 22th International Symposium
  St Petersburg, June 23–27, 2014 suris@theory.ioffe.ru
Single dopands,  International Conference and School
  St Petersburg, June 1–5, 2014 Averkiev@les.ioffe.ru
Physics of Dielectrics-2014, International Conference
  St Petersburg, June 3–6, 2014 V.Zakrevsky@mail.ioffe.ru
Modern Problems of Physics, International Symposium Dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of professor L.E. Gurevich's Birthday
  St Petersburg, June 19–20, 2014 Zegrya@theory.ioffe.ru
Actual Strength Problems, 55th International Conference
   Khar'kov, June 00–00, 2014 vladimir.betekhtin@mail.ioffe.ru
Fundamentals of Electronic Nanosystems,
International Conference "NanoPeter-2014"
  St Petersburg, June 21–27, 2014 ven.kozub@mail.ioffe.ru
Novel Trends in Physics of Ferroics, International Seminar
  St Petersburg, July 4–6, 2014 pisarev@mail.ioffe.ru
Ioffe Workshop on GRBs and other explosive transients: Twenty Years of Konus-Wind Experiment , International Conference
  St Petersburg, September 22–26, 2014 aptekar@mail.ioffe.ru
Amorphouse and Microcrystalline Semiconductors , IX International Conference
  St Petersburg, July 7–10, 2014 Eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru
Physics of Neutron Stars, 10th International Conference
  St Petersburg, July 28–August 1, 2014 kam@astro.ioffe.ru
Shock Interaction, 21th International Symposium
  St Petersburg, August 3–8, 2014 isis21@mail.ioffe.ru
Stereodynamics XV, 15th International Conference
  St Petersburg, August 17–22, 2014 osv@pms.ioffe.ru
Modern Problems of Astrophysycs and Cosmology, All Russian Seminar
  St Petersburg, September 8–8, 2014 kam@astro.ioffe.ru
Physics and Astronomy (PhysicA.SPb), Conference of the Young Scientists of St Petersburg
  St Petersburg, October 29–31, 2014 gs@mail.ioffe.ru
Semiconductor Lasers: Physics and Technology , 4th Symposium
   St Petersburg, November 10–13, 2014 Tarasov@hpld.ioffe.ru
Physical Problems of Renewable Energy , 10th Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, November 10–13, 2014 eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru
Thermoelectrics and their Applications, XIV International Seminar
  St Petersburg, November 13–14, 2014 lidia.lukyanova@mail.ioffe.ru
Semiconductor Physics, International School
  St Petersburg, March 1–4, 2015 tatjana.tisnek@mail.ioffe.ru
Nitrides of Ga, In, Al: Structures and Devices, 9th All-Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, March 11–13, 2015 lundin.vpegroup@mail.ioffe.ru
Spin physics, chemistry and technology, International Conference
  St Petersburg, June 1–5, 2015 averkiev@les.ioffe.ru
Physics of Strength and Plasticity of Materials, International Conference
  St Samara, June 00–00, 2015 vladimir.betekhtin@mail.ioffe.ru
Spin Waves 2015, International Symposium
  St Petersburg, June 00–00, 2015 pisarev@mail.ioffe.ru
Nanostructures: Physics and Technology, 23rd  International Symposium
  St Petersburg, June 00–00, 2015 suris@theory.ioffe.ru
Advanced Carbon Nanostructures ACNS'2015, International Conference
  St Petersburg, July 29–July 3, 2015 kidalov@mail.ioffe.ru
Thermodynamics and Materials Science, 10th All-Russian Symposium
  St Petersburg, September 07–11, 2015 katugova@inbox.ru
Physics and Astronomy (PhysicA.SPb), Conference of the Young Scientists of St Petersburg
  St Petersburg, October 28–30, 2015 gs@mail.ioffe.ru
Spectroscopy of Crystals Doped with Rare Earth and Transition Metal Ions , XVI International Feofilov Symposium
  St Petersburg, September 3–13, 2015 Rokhmin@oi.ifmo.ru
Physical-Chemical Problems of Renewable Energy, 11 International Conference
  St Petersburg, November 16–18, 2015 eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru
Questions of Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics, International Seminar
  St Petersburg, September 00–00, 2015 galakt@ammp.ioffe.ru