Gallium, aluminum and indium nitrides,11th All-Russian Conference
   Moskow, February 1–3, 2017 Nitrides2017@mail.ioffe.ru
Semiconductor Physics, International School
  St Petersburg, March 3–6, 2017 kunits@iropt9.ioffe.ru
Epitaxial technologies of novel materials and nanostructures, International School
  St Petersburg, March 15–March 17, 2017 Ivan@beam.ioffe.ru
Molecular Beam Epitaxy, 19th European Workshop
  St Petersburg, March 19–22, 2017 eurombe19@mail.ioffe.ru
Actual Problems of Strength, LVIII International Conference
  St Petersburg, May 16–19, 2017 naimark@icmm.ru
Advanced Carbon Nanostructures, International Conference
  St Petersburg, July 3–July 7, 2017 info@acns2017.org
Novel Trends in Physics of Ferroics, International seminar
  St Petersburg, June 6–8, 2017 Kalashnikova@mail.ioffe.ru
Nanostructures: Physics and Technology, 25th International Symposium
  St Petersburg, June 26–July 1, 2017 info@ntcm-ras.ru
Physics of Neutron Stars, International Conference
  St Petersburg, July 10–14, 2017 kam.astro@mail.ioffe.ru
Physics for the Life Sciences, All-Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, September 18–22, 2017 phls2017@mail.ioffe.ru
H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers, 16th International Workshop
  St Petersburg, September 13–15, 2017 sergei.lebedev@mail.ioffe.ru
Physica.SPb/2018, International Conference
  St Petersburg, October 24–26, 2017 gs@mail.ioffe.ru
Physico-chemical problems of renew energetics, All-Russian Conference
  St Petersburg, November 20–22, 2017 Eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru
Semiconductor Physics , International School
   St Petersburg, March 1–5, 2018 kunits@iropt9.ioffe.ru
St Petersburg readings on durability problems , Conference
   St Petersburg, April 10, 2018 Andrej.Kadomtsev@mail.ioffe.ru
Ferroelectricity , 14th Russia/CIS/Baltic/Japan Symposium
   St Petersburg, May 14, 2018 e.yu.koroleva@mail.ioffe.ru
Spectroscopic studies of critical dynamics at structural phase transitions , Young scientists school
   St Petersburg, May 14, 2018 e.yu.koroleva@mail.ioffe.ru
Neutron and X-ray inelastic and diffuse scattering in ferroelectrics and related compounds , International Workshop
   St Petersburg, May 14, 2018 e.yu.koroleva@mail.ioffe.ru
Solid state chemistry and functional materials 2018 , Conference
   St Petersburg, May 21, 2018 t_m@mail.ioffe.ru
Thermodynamics and materials science , Symposium
   St Petersburg, May 21, 2018 t_m@mail.ioffe.ru
Spin Waves 2018 , International Symposium
   St Petersburg, June 3, 2018 optics-lab@mail.ioffe.ru
Nanostructures: Physics and Technology, 26th International Symposium , 26th International Symposium
   St Petersburg, June 18, 2018 symposiumnano@gmail.com
6TH International Symposium on Graphen Devices , 6th International Symposium
   St Petersburg, July 18, 2018 isgd6@corp.ifmo.ru
Physico-chemical problems of renew energetics , All-Russian Conference
   St Petersburg, September 13, 2018 shmygleval@mail.ru
Spectroscopy of Crystals Doped with Rare Earth and Transition Metal Ions , The XVII International Feofilov Symposium
   St Petersburg, September 23, 2018 ifs2018@urfu.ru
Thermoelectrics and their applications , International Conference
   St Petersburg, October 8, 2018 lidia.lukyanova@mail.ioffe.ru
Physica.SPb/2018 , International Conference
   St Petersburg, October 23, 2018 mail@physica.spb.ru
Frontiers of 21st Century Physics and Ioffe Institute , Conference
   St Petersburg, October 29, 2018 komissarova@beam.ioffe.ru
Semiconductor Lasers: Physics and Technology , The 6th Symposium
   St Petersburg, November 13, 2018 Nike@hpld.ioffe.ru
Amorphous&Microcrystalline semiconductors , International Conference
   St Petersburg, November 19, 2018 Eug.terukov@mail.ioffe.ru