Competition prizes of the Institute

Beginning in 1994, a multistage scientific competition is held annually at the Ioffe, with various prizes awarded to the winners. A special board picks out 10 outstanding works to be awarded with the Institute Prize. Till 1998, the best of these received the top award of the institute—Prize of the Scientific Council.


In 1999, the system of rewarding was modified: there was no Prize of the Scientific Council any more. Instead, three top prizes named after Ioffe, Frenkel and Konstantinov were established as a recognition of merits and in memory of these well-known Russian physicists, who had worked at the Institute.

  2006–at present
Beginning in 2006, name prizes have been annually awarded in turns, each once in three years: Ioffe Prize in 2006, Konstantinov Prize in 2007, etc. In 2009, a new prize was established, named after Tuchkevich, a well-known scientist who had worked at the Institute. The first Tuchkevich Prize was awarded in 2010.
All these name prizes are awarded to the best works carried out in those fields of physics, which are close to the sphere of interests of these outstanding scientists.
A special award is presented to recognize contributions by young scientists.

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