Preliminary list of invited talks

P. I. Nikitin
Magnetic nanoparticles for in vitro medical diagnostics and in vivo targeted delivery of medicinal preparations
A. O. Orlova
Photophysics of complexes of quantum-confined semiconductor nanocrystals with tetrapyrrole compounds
V. Antonov, P. Efremov, and V. Semenyutin
Malformations in cerebral vessels: diagnostics, modeling, and curing
K. M. Lebedinskii and A. N. Kovalenko
Physiological and physical-technical foundations of medical monitoring
S. G. Lushnikov
Relationship between structure and dynamics of globular proteins
A. E. Osadchii
Solution of the inverse problem of magnetoencephalography based on the assumption of wave propagation of neuronal activity
B. S. Gutkin
Role of oscillations in working memory
Kasas Sandor
AFM based sensors for detection of nanoscale motion in living organisms
L. V. Kukharenko
AFM studies of irradiated skin fibroblasts in patients with anemia
A. G. Temiryazev
Potentialities of modern atomic-force microscopy in studies of bio-objects
N.T. Bagraev, P.A. Golovin
Sources and detectors of terahertz radiation, based on microcavities built-in edge channels of silicon nanosandwiches
A. V. Kozlenok
Use of mass-spectroscopic analysis of exhaled air in medical diagnostics
Acad. V. A. Dragavtsev
Need to develop physical devices for fast (without alternation of generations) identification of genotypes for selection in segregating and wild populations
S. von Gratowski
Physical methods for studying the plant physiology and the microwave and millimeter-wave spectroscopy for real-time nondestructive in-life monitoring of the moisture content of plants
G. G. Panova
Fundamentals of physical modeling in ideal agricultural-ecological systems
E. V. Kanash et al.
Noninvasive physical methods for phenotyping of plants to solve selection-genetic problems
M. L. Gel'fond
Local and systemic photodynamic therapy in curing of disseminated tumor diseases
V. G. Bespalov
High-intensity focused ultrasound in curing of malignant and benign tumors
D. A. Gorin
Combination of photonics and nanostructured-particle methods for biomedical applications
O. S. Vasyutinskii
Study of molecules important for biology and medicine by femtosecond laser spectroscopy
E. A. Markvicheva
Biodegradable matrices based on natural and synthetic polymers for regenerative medicine
S. N. Chvalun
Natural or synthetic polymers for biomedicine: pro et contra
A. B. Burlakov
Sensitivity of biological objects to weak electromagnetic fields and radiation during critical periods of embryogenesis
M. Knodel
2D and 3D simulations to relate form and function at presynaptic boutons, in virology and for multiphase flow in porous media
Yu. V. Bogachev
Magnetic resonance theranostics
I.I. Vlasov, O.A. Shenderova, O.S. Kudryavtsev, A.A. Khomich, T.A. Dolenko
Carbon-dot-decorated nanodiamonds for biomedical applications
I. V. Yaminsky
Experimental possibilities of bionanoscopy in solving practical problems of biology and medicine
A. L. Vasiliev
Modern methods of transmission electron microscopy in the study of biological objects
E. S. Kornilova
highly Specific delivery by nanoparticles on the example of complexes of quantum dots with epidermal growth factor
E. P. Podolskaya
Langmuir Technology as a tool for organic and Bioorganic analysis
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