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Отчет ФТИ 2020

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

Nanostructured Efficient White LEDs based on short-period superlattices and quantum dots

Project acronym: NEWLED   Grant agreement No: 3183881

Starting date: November 1, 2012   Duration: 48 months

Keywords: light emitting diodes, luminaires, quantum dots, band gap engineering, semiconductors, lighting, photonics

NEWLED will develop high efficiency and high brightness monolithic and hybrid all-semiconductor WHITE light-emitting GaN-based diodes. Power losses due to phosphor conversion and the problem of different ageing rates of the GaN LED pump will be eliminated by the development of phosphor free structures with increased brightness (power emitted per surface per angle). NEWLED will enhance the efficiency of yellow InGaAlP/AlGaAs LEDs by bandgap engineered superlattices. Novel light extraction approaches will target advanced directionality and colour adjustment. Values of 50 to 60% overall efficiency with a conversion of greater than 200 lm/W in the exploited warm white LEDs are targeted as well as the realization of a color rendering index (CRI) of greater than 95. Advanced packaging will enable effective heat dissipation and light management.

The devices will have immediate applications in automotive, industrial lighting and displays industries. Widespread implementation would reduce global energy consumption by approximately 10% and reduce CO2 emissions by 3Bn tonnes with consequent economic and environmental benefits.


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